While I was in junior college, I was honored with being selected for the gallery opening piece. It was called “Fusion” and was in the entry to the gallery exhibit. It was a painting on rolled canvas, instead of traditional stretched canvas. I continued to show work in student galleries at Mount San Antonio College, and later at California State University, Fullerton.

Years later, I entered an online design contest for The Republic of Tea. I earned second place in the 2014 Darjeeling Tea Tin Design Contest.

Since then, I earned numerous awards on a print on demand website.  I have only listed a few of the top awards below.

–Laura L. Leatherwood, Artist

Show opener

“Fusion” gallery opening piece, Mount San Antonio College, 1997,

Second place winner

Second place winner of the “2014 Darjeeling Tea Tin Design Contest” with The Republic of Tea.  The tagline is “Leading Purveyor of Premium Teas. Emphasizing a Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp lifestyle.”


2015 First place winner in Ladybug in Winter contest on


2015 Second place winner in the Vector-Contest on


2015 Second place winner in the Vector-Contest on