Magical, Artistic, Gorgeous, Intelligent, Captivating, – unique designs.

As an abstract artist, I launched PEN & INK Magic in 2007. My goal has always been to inspire business marketing teams to push their advertising further with the inclusion of my designs. They are filled with an artistic use of color and gorgeous design elements.

Intelligent Design

If you are currently experiencing seemingly unimaginative designs pass your desk, hire an artist with the right tools. Take a break from hiring junior college freelancers and commission PEN & INK Magic for an artist with experience and intelligent design.

What sets me apart from the ordinary tradesmen in the field, is that I merge my education/training in the fine arts with my skills as a graphic designer, illustrator, digital artist and photographer with photo retouching and photo restoration skills. Just because a graphic designer may possess the vocational skills necessary to operate digital software, does not mean they are taught design elements in these junior level courses.

Therefore, my years of dedication in higher learning have paid off. I have acquired both vocational skills and design theory, increasing my distinction as a designer. My clients witness design magic, seen at PEN & INK Magic, that is captivating to customers, family and friends.

Unique Designs

If you prefer designs in the more traditional style, I can create those toobut the question is, why would you want ordinary when you can attain a higher caliber designer?

Do not be satisfied blending in with the crowd when your corporate message can be taken to the next level in the most alluring, yet professional way. Never experience another mundane piece of art. My designs encompass the essence of your mission statement and is unique to your brand.

At PEN & INK Magic, I participate in corporate branding, collateral material, website/blog art/info graphics, trade show booths, book illustration, photo painting including pet portraits, t-shirt design and various other custom art projects.

These beautiful designs excel beyond typical, repetitive projects flooding the marketplace and transform your projects into fresh and unique designs.