Photo Painting

One outstanding way to celebrate a special occasion or milestone is to commission an artist photo painting.

Maybe it is a christening, quinceañera, bar mitzvah, sweet 16, or wedding engagement.  Don’t forget the wedding itself or the birth of your children. These moments in our lives are extra special and deserve special attention when documenting these events.

When we lose a family member, it is an important time to create a memorial. It helps to make their presence visible. You may want to hang a photo collage, create a box frame with their favorite poem or quote, favorite toy, baby outfit, or create a small garden in their memory.

One of the best ways to memorialize your family member is to hang a custom art portrait painting of them.

Profile Picture Painting

Profile portrait paintings are all the rage these days. Make sure to have an image that stands out from the pack.

During the age of social media, a profile picture is tremendously important. It brands your image.

However, the threat of stolen identity is real. With a profile digital painting, your portrait image can look a great deal like you without worrying about it being copied and used in a legal document. The photo is enhanced.

For example, this gentleman was obscured by shadow. After lightening the image and painting it, you can see his face and the name of his business and phone number. How great is that?

Photo Painting Fees

Prices are subject to change.

8″ x 10″ Digital Portrait Painting
digital file only

16″ x 20″ Digital Portrait Painting
digital file only

24″ x 36″ Digital Portrait Painting
digital file only