Daniel Dao

Source Refrigeration and HVAC, Inc.

Services provided: Collateral marketing materials including trade show booths, advertisements, business cards, calendar design cover, magnets, stickers, training catalog, pull-up banners, table-top banners, fax sheets, stationery, kiosk display, postcards, training schedules, maps, photo manipulation projects.

Note: The Source logo was provided by the client.

Letter of Recommendation from Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc. –

Laura Leatherwood has been an indispensable contract designer for Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc. Her professionalism in her work and commitment to help our business needs makes her a truly stand-out among her peers of designers. The following are aspects that make Laura an asset to have with our design needs:


We use a creative brief as a form of communication for the design needed from Laura. Laura often interpreted the creative brief with a wide range of design concepts for our review. The different concepts she had provided us actually helped to bring about a perspective that we had not thought about. Often times, the resultant direction on our final design are a collaboration of Laura’s concepts with some refinements.


Quick response to market needs is a way of life in our need for design projects. We have quick sell sheets or flyers that are needed to be completed and printed to send to our customers within a week’s notice. Laura was very instrumental to help us in getting these projects completed in a short turn-around time frame. Laura would try to accommodate our schedule in working over long hours or sometimes late at night to help us get the job done. We owe Laura a debt of gratitude to help us to secure sales.

We had a number of designers over the year, but Laura is the most reliable source for us to get the job done. Other designers would provide various excuses or have other personal matters and such as for reasons to push our project completion dates out. Laura fully understood that our business needs are critical, and she worked very hard to help get the job done when we needed it most.


The biggest problem with print design is that the final graphics file can be so large in memory size that we would have to wait for the discs or discs to be burned and then sent over to the printer for printing. This process would cause us to lose at least 2-3 days for the transition. Instead, Laura worked with us to leverage the use of an FTP site allowing a seamless communication between her and the printer with us verifying a smaller proof file. This process has enabled us to shorten the time from final design to the printer in a matter of hours.

I am more than happy to write this letter of recommendation letter for Laura Leatherwood. She has helped us on many occasions. I really enjoy working with Laura and would love to use her skills wherever I go. I highly recommend her for any design work.

Daniel Dao
Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc.
Marketing Director