Serina Newborg

Something Sweet by Serina, Owner

GATE President, 2013/14-

GATE Cub Reporter, Camino Real Elementary School, Jurupa Unified School District

Services provided: Ongoing GATE program newsletter for Camino Real Elementary School, Jurupa Unified School District. Newsletter design, multiple logo design and masthead creation, illustrations, content editing, insertion of students class assignments, photo enhancements and digital paintings of school events and various GATE activities.

Letter of Recommendation from Serina Newborg-

My name is Serina Newborg and I am the current GATE president at Camino Real Elementary School in Riverside California. Laura Leatherwood has been doing our GATE newsletter for the past 7 years.   The hard work she puts in to making sure that our newsletter is perfect goes above and beyond our expectations every year. Her professionalism, demeanor and excellent communication skills are her biggest strengths.   She has volunteered many hours and has fulfilled many assignments for our GATE Newsletter.

Laura Leatherwood would be an extremely valuable asset to any organization that involves any graphic designs needs.


Serina Newborg